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Having successfully transformed the lives of many professionals through one to one personal training, Esin identified a common goal for many clients, which was to reduce stress. Understanding this led to the development of Corporate Training for companies to assist in supporting their staff's overall health and wellbeing.

The typical corporate environment involves sitting for prolonged periods of time in a postural position that lends itself to the onset of muscle imbalances, poor posture, and a heightened propensity to injury. Add to that the pressure of reaching deadlines which accelerate stress levels and inactivity. 

As a workable solution Esin brings his experience, programming ideas, and creative energy to a company and becomes their resource for health and exercise. The results of which improve employee fitness, wellbeing, productivity and morale, reduced healthcare costs and absenteeism, along with improved stress management. 

Group activities that involve health and fitness provide a great sense of accomplishment which connect employees not only more to the company, but also to fellow employees. 

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